Why HiddenBrains for Ruby on Rails based Applications Development?

10 07 2008

Open source programs are customary in the online global business environment for the last many years and showing its presence in web development in rapid speed due to regular innovations in the information & technology field. Web development companies are working at global level and giving solutions to complex business problems.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on rails is an open source program popular among global online business industry to solve the various business problems. Ruby on rails is the latest open sources web development framework based on model view MVC with Ruby language that serving online world with its easy to use features for the critical business problems. MVC is the best architecture to organize application programming. Rails use to support the databases MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server, DB2, and Oracle.

Benefits to online business

  • Due to open source framework it freely available on the net
  • Best suited to develop business applications
  • It use to accelerate and simplify the creation of websites driven on databases
  • supremely suited to building business applications
  • It helps in managing users and roles for website
  • Using ROR user can gather and manage user comments
  • Help user in setting up the template and generating migrations for tables
  • Use ofROR helps in enhancing usability with AJAX
  • Helps in developing an administration interfaces
  • Helps in Deploying the application on a production server

We offer following with ruby on rails in application development

HiddenBrains.com offers its experience to build interactive, innovative & efficient Ruby on Rails solutions for its clients. We are working on open source projects in application development for the last many years and providing professional IT solutions to clients. Our developers are providing offshore services on Ruby on rails projects for our clients at successful rate with professional expertise.

  • We perform Installing, configuring, and testing for web applications on RoR
  • Setting up the application and database like MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, or any of the other many systems we support
  • We follow Agile development methodology principles for our clients to deliver the projects like  Continuous attention to technical excellence, Good design, Simplicity, Self-organizing teams, Regular adaptation to changing circumstances





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