ECommerce solutions to make your product visible, to your buyers’ worldwide..

30 06 2008

Make your eProducts visible to your online buyers with eCommerce solutions.


For the past many years, ecommerce is growing very rapidly in the world of online business. To provide ecommerce solutions to your business there are large number of ecommerce solution providers available to make your product visible to your buyers worldwide.


Read on to discover the specific components, required to create an ROI oriented eCommerce website. What are these components and how do they work, lets see.


Here, all resources used for our clients:


1. Every website (either dynamic or static) needs keyword reach domain name. Keyword reach domain  means to a word used by users to find your products or services. Determining a good domain name for  your eCommerce store should be the first step always.

2. Choosing a quality web hosting provider, that should have at least one SQL database, and can do server side scripting, such as SHTML, PHP, and/or CGI scripting and at least 300Mb of space.


3. Shopping cart features, how should be your shopping cart: 


         a. Allow multiple simultaneous users.

         b. All popular web browsers compatible

         c. Quick Checkout

         d. Search for Products by keyword

         e. Advanced search with different fields

         f. Order status known to customer

         g. Online credit card payment processing with vivid payment gateways

         h. Live shipping rates with different shipping methods

         i.  Easy administration of the site from the control panel


4. Why Database is need and how it should be:

        a. Keep buyers data such as Customer Sign-in/ billing address etc.

        b. Create customer personalizatio

        c. Keep products data

        d. Hold shopping cart contents such as Session details/ Schedule shipping date

        e. Integrate with other systems


5. Credit card acceptance:
Online credit card payment processing on your eCommerce website gets you   more money. You can  too run an ecommerce website by using fax or asking people to send in your checks, but you will be leaving  a lot of money if you don’t accept credit cards in one form or another.


6. Using secure socket layer using SSL certificates
A secure socket layer encrypts the data between the customer’s computer and your web server. It keeps prying eyes away from a peek at sensitive data, such as credit card info.


7. At last you need to get a separate business bank account that will accept the deposits for the credit card charges.


Information technology has shown a rapid growth and changed the face of global business through ecommerce solutions. These solutions use to provide your business great opportunities and make product the global to reach the untouched customers to all over the world. Possibilities of new customer segments for the growth business get increase by the use of ecommerce solutions.




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