Unlocking the advantages of ASP.NET

2 06 2008

Building websites and web applications by programmers using various frameworks available in the web market, all these frameworks provides base to develop according to demanded functionality of the website. Every frame work has its own advantages for the development of websites or any other web service.

Web market is full of technologies in form of frameworks, software, and other web development related tools for the purpose of web development. Web development companies use to provide web services by using ASP.NET. Main advantage of using ASP.Net it helps in writing of dynamic, high-performance web applications.ASP.NET combines unparalleled developer productivity with performance, consistency and deployment.

Some Technical Advantages:

  • Large applications can be written in very less amount of code as compare to other frameworks.
  • It provides simpler development work with an event driven, server side programming model.
  • Writing & Maintenance of pages is very easy in ASP.NET because source code and HTML are together.
  • Execution of source code on the server provides more power and flexibility.
  • It use to improve developers productivity as it provides easy programming models, flexible language models, great tool support, rich class framework.
  • Its performance is also very fine because more users can be benefited with same hardware as it allows compiled execution, rich output catching etc
  • Using data-binding and page formatting features ASP.NET easily works with ADO .NET

ASP.NET is the framework widely used by programmers for the web solutions regarding web development.

Further in order to extend its functionality it is extended to ASP.NET AJAX and ASP.NET MVC Framework. It is mainly used to develop enterprise- class applications.



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