Ruby on Rails Applications Development with Ajax

6 08 2008

To develop the online operations and increase productivity of the applications world wide developers are using various technically advanced frameworks and perusing the various technical innovative activities. Ruby on Rails is one of the open source innovation that helps in decreasing application development complexity and very flexible to perform jointly with various technologies.

Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on Rails is the open source framework commonly used for the development of web applications and it uses the architecture of Model-View-Controller (MVC) for the organization of application programming codes. Model-View-Controller (MVC) use to support various techniques that help the ruby on rails developers to explain how application database can be used for the development of common websites. There are various other features of ruby on rails that simplifies the development of applications and this innovative framework is also compatible with various technologies.

Ajax Programming

Ajax Programming

Ajax is not any innovative programming language but it is based on java script and HTTP requests, it’s a new method of using existing standards. It helps the developers to create the web applications faster and user friendly. Ruby on Rails developers uses Ajax in the development of web applications, although there are two ways of implementing the Ajax technique like writing own java scripts to use directly XMLHttpRequest object’s API and other way is using JavaScript library enriched with Ajax services. There are various JavaScript libraries are available in the market such as Ajax.NET, Sajax, DWR etc.

How ruby on rails allows the Ajax operations

Ajax is the user friendly technology that helps the ruby on rails developers to produce the web applications better and faster then other technologies. Both Ruby on Rails (open source framework) and Ajax (technology based on Java Script and XML) are very flexible to produce the web applications.

  • Once browser use to display the initial web page and various users suppose to perform different actions on the web page.
  • Web page or form contains various fields to enter some values by the users and they are operated by clicking.
  • As soon as the user enter the values being transferred automatically to action handler on server through XMLHttpRequest.
  • Now action handler takes some action on the data filled by user and sent it back as HTML fragment.
  • Rails use to create automatically client-side JavaScript that use to receive the HTML fragment and utilize this to specified part of the HTML of the current page.

Ajax and Ruby on Rails are compatible to each other for the development of user friendly web applications. Most of the ruby on rails programmers uses the Ajax technology to make their work easier. Fast adoption of this technology initiated number of offshore companies rendering hire services for the complex business environment.


Why HiddenBrains for Ruby on Rails based Applications Development?

10 07 2008

Open source programs are customary in the online global business environment for the last many years and showing its presence in web development in rapid speed due to regular innovations in the information & technology field. Web development companies are working at global level and giving solutions to complex business problems.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on rails is an open source program popular among global online business industry to solve the various business problems. Ruby on rails is the latest open sources web development framework based on model view MVC with Ruby language that serving online world with its easy to use features for the critical business problems. MVC is the best architecture to organize application programming. Rails use to support the databases MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server, DB2, and Oracle.

Benefits to online business

  • Due to open source framework it freely available on the net
  • Best suited to develop business applications
  • It use to accelerate and simplify the creation of websites driven on databases
  • supremely suited to building business applications
  • It helps in managing users and roles for website
  • Using ROR user can gather and manage user comments
  • Help user in setting up the template and generating migrations for tables
  • Use ofROR helps in enhancing usability with AJAX
  • Helps in developing an administration interfaces
  • Helps in Deploying the application on a production server

We offer following with ruby on rails in application development offers its experience to build interactive, innovative & efficient Ruby on Rails solutions for its clients. We are working on open source projects in application development for the last many years and providing professional IT solutions to clients. Our developers are providing offshore services on Ruby on rails projects for our clients at successful rate with professional expertise.

  • We perform Installing, configuring, and testing for web applications on RoR
  • Setting up the application and database like MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, or any of the other many systems we support
  • We follow Agile development methodology principles for our clients to deliver the projects like  Continuous attention to technical excellence, Good design, Simplicity, Self-organizing teams, Regular adaptation to changing circumstances


ECommerce solutions to make your product visible, to your buyers’ worldwide..

30 06 2008

Make your eProducts visible to your online buyers with eCommerce solutions.


For the past many years, ecommerce is growing very rapidly in the world of online business. To provide ecommerce solutions to your business there are large number of ecommerce solution providers available to make your product visible to your buyers worldwide.


Read on to discover the specific components, required to create an ROI oriented eCommerce website. What are these components and how do they work, lets see.


Here, all resources used for our clients:


1. Every website (either dynamic or static) needs keyword reach domain name. Keyword reach domain  means to a word used by users to find your products or services. Determining a good domain name for  your eCommerce store should be the first step always.

2. Choosing a quality web hosting provider, that should have at least one SQL database, and can do server side scripting, such as SHTML, PHP, and/or CGI scripting and at least 300Mb of space.


3. Shopping cart features, how should be your shopping cart: 


         a. Allow multiple simultaneous users.

         b. All popular web browsers compatible

         c. Quick Checkout

         d. Search for Products by keyword

         e. Advanced search with different fields

         f. Order status known to customer

         g. Online credit card payment processing with vivid payment gateways

         h. Live shipping rates with different shipping methods

         i.  Easy administration of the site from the control panel


4. Why Database is need and how it should be:

        a. Keep buyers data such as Customer Sign-in/ billing address etc.

        b. Create customer personalizatio

        c. Keep products data

        d. Hold shopping cart contents such as Session details/ Schedule shipping date

        e. Integrate with other systems


5. Credit card acceptance:
Online credit card payment processing on your eCommerce website gets you   more money. You can  too run an ecommerce website by using fax or asking people to send in your checks, but you will be leaving  a lot of money if you don’t accept credit cards in one form or another.


6. Using secure socket layer using SSL certificates
A secure socket layer encrypts the data between the customer’s computer and your web server. It keeps prying eyes away from a peek at sensitive data, such as credit card info.


7. At last you need to get a separate business bank account that will accept the deposits for the credit card charges.


Information technology has shown a rapid growth and changed the face of global business through ecommerce solutions. These solutions use to provide your business great opportunities and make product the global to reach the untouched customers to all over the world. Possibilities of new customer segments for the growth business get increase by the use of ecommerce solutions.

Unlocking the advantages of ASP.NET

2 06 2008

Building websites and web applications by programmers using various frameworks available in the web market, all these frameworks provides base to develop according to demanded functionality of the website. Every frame work has its own advantages for the development of websites or any other web service.

Web market is full of technologies in form of frameworks, software, and other web development related tools for the purpose of web development. Web development companies use to provide web services by using ASP.NET. Main advantage of using ASP.Net it helps in writing of dynamic, high-performance web applications.ASP.NET combines unparalleled developer productivity with performance, consistency and deployment.

Some Technical Advantages:

  • Large applications can be written in very less amount of code as compare to other frameworks.
  • It provides simpler development work with an event driven, server side programming model.
  • Writing & Maintenance of pages is very easy in ASP.NET because source code and HTML are together.
  • Execution of source code on the server provides more power and flexibility.
  • It use to improve developers productivity as it provides easy programming models, flexible language models, great tool support, rich class framework.
  • Its performance is also very fine because more users can be benefited with same hardware as it allows compiled execution, rich output catching etc
  • Using data-binding and page formatting features ASP.NET easily works with ADO .NET

ASP.NET is the framework widely used by programmers for the web solutions regarding web development.

Further in order to extend its functionality it is extended to ASP.NET AJAX and ASP.NET MVC Framework. It is mainly used to develop enterprise- class applications.

How to provide Application security in development practices

29 05 2008

Application security is a hot issue as always and software companies are providing inbuilt security systems to protect data from external threats. Instead of inbuilt security systems, security can be provided from threats by performing few techniques. It is very elusive in nature and we should know completely what is exactly application security is? Saving the application from external threats is critical as use of different hardware devices, software, and other procedural methods are not easy to implement without complete technical know-how about the application and security tools.

There are few actions of providing security during development to software application that enables the hackers from manipulating the applications, steal, modify and delete sensitive data. There is a term named “countermeasures” commonly used by developers or experts in technical language. Actions taken to prevent the software application from threats are called “countermeasures”. It is an action or system that is able to remove or transfer the effects of threats from server, network and computer. These “countermeasures” can be used to provide security in form of software and hardware.

Software countermeasure Application firewall: Application firewall controls the access of applications from operating system of the computer. It controls the flow of information or data to and from central processing unit (CPU) and other destinations. It also provides security by handling data or execution of files by specific application.

Hardware countermeasure Router: It is a hardware that gives the direction to “packets” between two networks. It determines the next network point for “packet” to reach out its destination. “Gateway” is where two networks meet and the location of the router is at any “gateway”. Packets use to travel at different destinations in the network and router is able to maintain table for the available routs and can determine best route and conditions for packets.

Encryption/ Decryption: Encryption is the process of converting data into the special form called “cipher text” that cannot be easily readable or understood by unauthorized people. To make it understood decryption is the process to convert the “cipher text” into original form. This typical language system is used in performing wireless communications as wireless circuits are easy to tap.

Regular countermeasures include:

  • Deletion of stored cookies and temporary files at regular intervals of time
  • Regular scanning programs for virus and Trojans
  • Regular maintenance of operating system in the form of installation of updates
  • Avoidance of link clicking those contain email messages
  • Avoidance of questionable websites
  • Backing up of data on external media regularly

Joomla 1.5 – Role in Web Development

22 05 2008

Web development process never stops, and implementation of new technologies always keeps the development work at pace. There are various technologies are being used by web developers for the web development. Joomla framework is one of the easy to use technologies for web development.

Joomla is powerful open source content management system and helps in management of web applications according to requirement. Joomla is written on PHP and it has many features that help in web development. It helps in page catching to improve performance, web indexing; RSS feeds printable versions of pages, news flashes, blogs, forums, polls, calendars, website searching, and language internationalization. Joomla is very popular system in the web world due to its flexible, simple, elegant, customizable and powerful properties.

Joomla has shown presence with its first version called Joomla 1.0 three years ago on September 16, 2005 and presently the Joomla 1.5 beta is in market. Joomla 1.5 is one of the products of open source management system and taken care by the Joomla community. It is latest version by the Joomla community. It is very easy to use technology for the developers and it provides more power and simplicity. It is great system that provides more freedom of integration, operation, controlled output and user authentication. Joomla 1.5 beta provides high flexibility to develop anything to developers in other words we can say boon for developers. Joomla use to provide unified and easy to use framework for delivering content for all kinds of websites in the web development process.

Few Important features of Joomla 1.5

  • It can be run on PHP 5 also compatibility with 4.3 version of PHP
  • More refined administrator
  • Simplified main menu is provided
  • More language packs are available
  • All extensions can be made by single installer
  • More storing capacity for images, documents, presentations etc
  • Media can be viewed in Icons and List formats

Facilities for template designers

  • Joomla allows typical table heavy output where as Joomla 1.5 will allow custom layouts
  • Ability to create custom module chrome
  • New template managers are introduced with ability to edit any CSS file for the template. This is to facilitate template designers to design template in such a way so that customers can change settings from within template manager interface.


21 05 2008

Granting IT offshore services is not fresh concept for Internet business world. An innovative thought to pace up the business is universal truth of offline and online business at global level. Providing individual and team of developers for offshore services is great running concept of online business. This concept has brought changes to save MONEY TIME AND ENERGY for online business.

Vertical growth of your IT business demands for extra resources and to fulfill requirement hiring developers is the easiest and cheap way. Outsourcing your overload or special technical demands of work for your business helps in reducing the burden as well as you get quality in work. Web is full of companies providing offshore hiring services for easing the business overload and specific IT requirements. Low cost effective resources are available in form of technical experts, web developers, web designers and all IT experts globally providing their services to international companies as well as middle sized organizations.

Why Hire Dedicated Developers in common

  • Technically sound Experts
  • Easy availability in the customized way
  • Well coordinated with IT and global business environment
  • Low cost Business development skills

Hidden benefits of Hiring Dedicated Developers

  • Does not require training time
  • Transfer of technology in productive way
  • No traditional ways of HR recruitment system, conducting interviews etc
  • No traditional worker related documentation like tax forms, retirement plans, scheduling etc
  • Saving of money in establishing new work place, offices etc

Universal truth is coming to picture is that hiring dedicated developers and teams are giving rise to new procedures and process and changing the working culture at the place of outsourcing company as well as offshore service provider. Global changes in the business transformation is rising at its pace for benefits of both the sides.